Can Dogs Eat Butter? Is it Good or Bad?  Our Answers and Verdict

Can Dogs Eat Butter? Is it Good or Bad? Our Answers and Verdict

It may sound fun, but being a dog parent is not easy. It takes us the same effort the way we will be a parent to a human child. It has been said zillion of times that dogs and children share the same traits. If you have decided to become a proud owner or a parent of a dog, then fasten yourself up as you will have to look after many things and do a lot more than you have imagined. In case if you already have a dog then there are multiple things you might not know and you should know.

The most common concern shared by the majority of dog parent is regarding their diet. Almost all of us consult the vet about their diet or keep on looking on the internet about the things we should or shouldn’t feed them. But, there are times when we can’t help ourselves with their beautiful and lustful eyes for a particular eating substance. The majority of dog parents have complained or have shared their query of their dogs eating butter. If your dog too loves eating butter, then here are all your answers and verdict on “can a dog eat butter?”

We are sharing both the negative and positive impacts of butter when consumed by the dog to help you out with your queries.

Why is butter bad for your dog?

  • As we all know that butter is a dairy product and is made of cow’s milk and is saturated. It contains heavy fat and does not offer any sort of health benefit apart from making dishes taste great.
  • Fatty products are never recommended for dogs. Regular consumption of butter can raise the cholesterol level in your dog that directly impacts the kidney.
  • In case if your dog is diabetic then even the small amount of butter can contribute to his failing health and can worsen the condition further.
  • Butter is severely dangerous for pregnant dogs.
  • Butter also creates a bad impact if your dog has inflamed pancreas.
  • There are also many short terms bad effects of butter if consumed by dogs. It can cause gastrointestinal distress, stomach ache, bloating, gas, and more.
  • Constipation is one of the short-term impacts of consuming butter by dogs.

Why is butter good for your dogs?

  • Many experts have claimed that consumption of butter can be beneficial if your dog has some skin related allergies. It can help reducing the allergies even if it is severe.
  • Not all butter, but a few kinds of butter can actually be good for your dog’s health. Peanut butter can be a source of Vitamins and protein that are can be scarce in the dog food you feed to your dog.
  • Many times, vets themselves prescribe to feed butter to dogs but only in the case of severe vitamins deficiency in dogs. Butter is the fastest source to address the vitamin deficiency in dogs.


So Can Dogs Eat Butter? Things to consider while feeding butter to dogs

It is, of course, nowhere good, but not even bad if your dog consumes butter. If it worries you that it may harm your dog’s health then there are certain things that you should consider while feeding butter to your dogs. The most important ones are mentioned below:

  • As mentioned above, butter does contain a high amount of fat, but if your dog loves butter then feed them a little amount in a daily limit.
  • If your dog is suffering from vitamin deficiency and the vet has prescribed feeding butter, then also be very cautious with the amount you are feeding. It may happen that while treating one disease, your dog gets attacked by another like high cholesterol level.
  • You may think that giving an alternative of butter can cover up the situation then you might be wrong. No alternative can be better it is used for the fatty substance.
  • The most important thing that you should consider is that you always consult a vet before you start feeding butter to your dog or your dog has overfed on butter.

Final Verdict

Well, the final verdict on feeding butter to your dog goes mostly with NO. However, you can always feed your dog a small portion only after consulting the vet.

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