Can Dogs Eat Chicken Bones: Things You Should Be Aware Of

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Bones: Things You Should Be Aware Of

Our pets are a precious part of our family. We take care of them with everything we have. This includes good grooming and a correct diet. But our dogs do eye our leftovers, and sometimes we think of letting them have those bones. It is quite a controversial topic that has been around among dog owner and vets. Do you think can dogs eat chicken bones? So, after ample amount of studies, it has been said that dogs can have certain raw bones but not cooked chicken bones.

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Why are cooked chicken bones bad for your dogs?

  • Cooked chicken bones can break very easily, and the sharp edge can cause harm to your dog.
  • Dogs who never had chicken bones can gulp it down rather than grinding it. Their food pipe is quite narrow, so the chicken bone can suffocate them or get stuck.
  • The sharp edges can perforate stomach, intestines or anus walls.
  • Punctures can also lead to bacterial infections which can kill off a dog in a few hours.
  • Bones can also cause damage to the teeth and enamel of your dog.
  • Cooked bones may also cause constipation in a dog.

But as dogs are meat-eating animals, they do need to chew on some bones occasionally. But it is best to give them raw bones which are free from any bacteria.


Can dogs eat raw chicken bone?

  • Yes, Raw bones are okay as they do not splinter very easily. The stomach of your dog will be able to digest those pieces.
  • Raw chicken bones are an amazing source of nutrients for your dog. They have phosphorus and calcium in them which are necessary for the well-being of the dog.
  • Some doctors even believe that a diet consisting of raw chicken meat is the best for any dog.
  • Chewing bones also help in exercising the jaw muscles of your dog.


Whenever you are thinking of giving raw bones to your dog always consult a vet. They will guide you to make the bone bacteria free for your dog to play safely. Leaving the bone in vinegar for few minutes does help in killing the bad things. You need to refrigerate the bone and dispose it within 3/4 days. A chew toy or a rawhide bone can also act as good alternatives to actual raw chicken bones. There are also several chew treat options available in the market for dogs.


What to do if your dog eats a cooked bone?

  • Observe your dog for uneasiness or problems. Monitoring them is very crucial. The mood of the dog is very important.
  • The important part is checking the stool. Anytime they go potty see if they have passed fragments of bones. If the stool is red or black immediately take them to a pet hospital. Same applies for constipation after eating the bone.
  • Cushioning your dog helps a bit to make going potty easier after having a bone. It can be done by feeding those pieces of bread and cooked rice. Mix it with their food so that they can eat it without suspicion.


Do not get scared if they have the bone. Go to a vet if it becomes serious. Always remember to stay away from cooked bones and dispose of leftover very carefully. Also, before any diet change contacts the vet.

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